Challenge Introduction

Sharif Artificial Intelligence Challenge 2016

Sharif AI Challenge is a student programming contest in which competitors will compete for the game designed by our technical team, and challenge other teams to win and go up the ladder. This competition was originally titled "JavaChallenge", but during it's 8th year we've decided to add support for C++ and Python. Hence, the name "AIChallenge".
The only pre-requisite to enter this competition is familiarity with one of the aforementioned programming languages. But obviously, knowledge of algorithmic thinking and artificial intelligence will be a great asset for any of the participating teams. You can see participation rules here and last year's documents here.
Hope to see you soon.

Challenge Timetable

Timetable and Calender of the competition

  • Registeration: February 1st to February 12th
  • Selection Phase: February 10st to February 19st
  • Final Phase : March 2nd and 3rd
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  •   Days

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A brief look on the previous years

  • 2009 - 2011

    First Three Years

    In the University

    7 years ago, some students from Student Scientific Chapter (SSC) of computer school, decided to hold a programming competition alongside ACM. The main reason of this competition, was evaluating and enhancing the programming skill of students. In the next 2 years, this competition was one of the main events which Sharif Computer School held annually.

  • 2012 - 2014

    4th to 6th Challenge

    With Teams From Others Universities of Tehran

    4th year competition was introduced as “JavaChallenge” and teams from Amirkabir University of Technology and University of Tehran took place in this challenge.
    5th year, was also held with teams from Sharif University of Technology, Amirkabir University of Technology and University of Tehran.
    In the 6th year, as a result of widespread announcement, some teams from other cities participated in the competition.

  • 2015

    7th year

    Supporting C++ and Python

    With the experience of previous years, and as a result of great efforts of executive team, 158 teams from 28 universities across the country, took place in this year’s Challenge and 32 of them was chosen to be in final phase, and with hard work of technical team, C++ and Python was added to programming languages of Challenge.
    The Documentation of this competition (Java Challenge 2015) is available here.

  • 2016

    8th year

    Aim to be International

    With great experience of previous years, 8th year of the Challenge will be held with the name of Sharif AI Challenge and it will be International.


First Team

3 Bahar Azadi Golden Coin (approximately $800)+ Token of Challenge

Second Team

3 ½Bahar Azadi Golden Coin (approximately $400) + Token of Challenge

Third Team

3 ¼Bahar Azadi Golden Coin (approximately $200) + Token of Challenge

48 Teams of Final Phase

Tshirt + Mug + Flash Memory


About Staffs

Sharif AI Challenge is held by the SSC of Sharif Computer School, all of the staffs and people who help us in throwing this event are students of computer school and work as executive and technical team so that this Challenge can be hold with best quality.
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